The Importance of Keeping Computer Software Current

20. March 2014
The recent announcement by Microsoft that support for its Windows XP operating system will end effective April 8, 2014 is a good reminder of the importance of keeping computer software up-to-date. It is not unusual for software vendors to discontinue service and support for older versions of their product as new versions are introduced. Users may not realize the risks presented by continuing to use computer software that is no longer supported by its manufacturer. These risks may include a great... [More]

Spotlight on Emergency Medicine

8. November 2013
Emergency Medicine encounters a wide variety of challenges and more than a few risks. Read on to see where the preponderance of risk is found and what strategies can be used to mitigate it. [More]


Spotlight on Anesthesia

1. November 2013
Where are the risks that most commonly become claims in anesthesia? Are the majority related to intubation issues? Review this spotlight on anesthesia to find out, and to learn strategies for prevention. [More]


Spotlight on OB/Gyn

25. October 2013
OB/Gyn is a specialty which reflects two areas of women’s medicine, pregnancy-related and gynecological care, so it is no surprise that OB/Gyn claims reflect a variety of issues. Read on to learn where the most predominant risks can be found for this specialty, and check out the strategies to reduce these risks. [More]


Spotlight on Urology

18. October 2013
Urology is a procedural discipline yet its claims costs are highest in a non-procedural area. Read on to find out about Urology’s liability risks and their costs, and note the strategies which can address these risks. [More]


Spotlight on Radiology

11. October 2013
Radiology is a discipline combining both cognitive and procedural risks. Read on to discover where radiology’s claim risks lie, and the strategies that can minimize those risks. [More]


Spotlight on Internal Medicine

4. October 2013
Do you think you know where Internal Medicine claims originate? There are several important areas of risk. See if you were right, and whether you already implement the risk strategies recommended. [More]


Spotlight on Ophthalmology

27. September 2013
Where are Ophthalmology’s risks? They could be in surgery, or diagnostics, or even in treatment. There is plenty of risk to go around. Read on to get the answers and to find the strategies recommended for preventing these risks.


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